Our History: Voyage of a lifetime begins with a dream
Way back in 1970, one man’s vision and a couple of tugboats started it all.

Koay Boon Hean, a charismatic visionary founded Syarikat Soon Hock Trading with a strong determination to see his dream of one day ‘riding the waves’ of the marine service industry come true. True to form, rapid growth followed and by the 1980’s, the business had expanded to cover the East Malaysian market and ripples were felt in neighbouring Indonesia and Thailand.


With these expansions in place, the business was on a roll. As its operations prospered and progressed, new opportunities emerged enabling the navigators to take to the high seas and establish a global reach internationally.

Lifetime begins with a dream
The incorporation of Sin Soon Hock Sdn Bhd (198240-P)  sealed its record on enviable achievement and paved the way to chart new courses. As the flagship, SSH will continue to fortify its capability and capacity, productivity and business strategies to compete effectively in the energy and bunkering supply industry. It will lead by offering new possibilities for improved logistics solutions, to develop new areas of competence and services thus opening new channels to the benefit of existing and future clients.